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The Plot So Far
After Mina, Adam, and many others arrived at the graveyard, everything seems to go slow. Life is pretty normal for once. However, uprisings begin to occur. Could this lead to war?

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 TheCuriousDisorder's Characters

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PostSubject: TheCuriousDisorder's Characters   Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:08 am

Name: Nyx

Age: 15

Thithe or terrible?: Both, actually

Backstory: Nyx was actually born Mary Davis to a very religious family already with 9 children. As the tenth child, her parents raised her as a future tithe. She accepted this until the night before her tithing, at her party, when one of her older brother's sort of flew off the handle, making something inside her sap, realising that she diden't have to do this. That night she simply slipped out, stopping only to slip a letter to her brother. Since then she'd been on the run, simply living 'on the road', wandering around and stealing or doing odd jobs for food and shelter. Wanting to shed herself of her past she even picked a new name for herself- Nyx after the Greek goddess of the night. Her family continued to seek her out, not to tithe her, but to get rid of her as an ordinary Unwind, an ordinary 'trouble kid'


Appearence: Boyishly short blonde hair (It's easier kept that way), a large snake tattoo running from her left ankle then up her leg and onto her back.

What do they think of unwinding?:

Parents(and what they think of them):


Do they miss them?:


Meh. I'll finish it later.
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TheCuriousDisorder's Characters
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