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The Plot So Far
After Mina, Adam, and many others arrived at the graveyard, everything seems to go slow. Life is pretty normal for once. However, uprisings begin to occur. Could this lead to war?


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PostSubject: Remplissage's Characters   Remplissage's Characters I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 14, 2010 10:18 am

Elix Fleming

Sixteen, November 3rd


Tithe or Terrible?:

He grew up, knowing from a child that he was going to be unwound. He would fight, and do other horrible things. The day soon came, and, in growing fear ran away. He's been running ever since. [I know, I know, I'll make it longer...later.]

Physical appearance:
He stands at about 5'7'', about average. He has striking, cold azure eyes that seem to stand out against his rather pale skin. He has long, feathery brown hair that has splotches of blonde in it. Elix has a smile to die for, that's rarely seen, and long legs.

Okay, let's point out some major traits, first of all. Not exactly a pessimist, but some traces of a downer. He's more of the, Man, this stinks, the world is going to end... Oh well, better live it up! type.He usually tries to appear formal around new people, and very stern and responsible. In reality, however, he's a fun-loving, amusing, person who's usually flying head first into something stupid. He does have a tendency to be nervous around girls, even in his own relationships, however. Most of the time, he just listens to what they have to say, and likes to keep his mouth shut. He figures that the less stupid things you say, the less stupid you seem. Elix is bullheaded, and loathes being told what to do or how to do it. He thinks that he'll do it when he wants to do it, and not when others want him to. He also has a caring, loving side to him. Very few people see this though. He is somewhat cold and unrevealing to strangers, and can get very judgmental.

Besides most of that, he loves his friends, and can get a bit protective. He loves to lead, and really isn't much of a follower. Most of the things that bulge in his personality came from his own secrets, mistakes, and lessons. He doesn't tire very easily, and is actually slightly hyper. He likes to push himself to the edge, figuring that you only gain more. To him, the world is a vast expanse of places to travel, exploring and gathering information.

What Do They Think Of Unwinding?:
No comment.

Mira and Nick Fleming -- Eh...they're alright. Just assholes.



Boyfriend/Girlfriend Back Home:

Elix Fleming
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