An original character roleplaying forum for fans of the Neal Shusterman book Unwind.
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The Plot So Far
After Mina, Adam, and many others arrived at the graveyard, everything seems to go slow. Life is pretty normal for once. However, uprisings begin to occur. Could this lead to war?

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 Rules, how this forum works, character forms.

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PostSubject: Rules, how this forum works, character forms.    Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:45 pm

Now, because most forums have them, rules:

-No graphic sex, kissing is fine.
-All swearing is ok unless it's every other fugging word. (I dislike saying 'fuck' personally, I have no problem if you do)
-Violence is ok, it is Unwind after all, but don't get into every grisly detail.
-If you have a problem with another user, shut up about it.
-If you have any questions/issues please contact me.
-Please use proper capitazation, grammer, and punctuation. It's NOT that hard and who likes roleplaying with someone wish someone who dosn't capatilise or uses text talk. I will block you if you fail to comply with this rule and if you're simply a bad roleplayer. i reserve this right, sorry.
-All posts must be 70 words or more unless the topic has NLT in the title, NLT standing for Not Literate Topic. (This is a new rule, not all older topics comply with this)
Now, for the character form: (Be descriptive)

Thithe or terrible?:
What do they think of unwinding?:
Parents(and what they think of them):
Do they miss them?:
Boyfriend/girlfriend back home?:
Rp example: (Note: Older character forms may not have this, as this is a new addition.)
How this place works:

Now, like a lot of roleplaying forums, we can't have specific 'places' to roleplay. So, rping is just in a series of topics under the 'Roleplaying' forum. PM/chat box me up after you've made your character and we'll find a place to stick you into the plotline.
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Rules, how this forum works, character forms.
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